MANIFESTO Part 9 How to return to people rule

In 1918 the Crown called a 32 county election in which political party called IRS Sinn Fein, LAWFULLY won 73 seats out of 105 seats, almost three quarters of the seats, the IRB then Founded the state. They called it SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann, and on 21st January 1919 Dail Eireann sat in the Mansion House, under the 1919 Constitution, set up Dail Eireann Courts in 1920 and appointed SOVEREIGN President for life, a lifetime position held in Trust. The 1919 Constitution IS THE KEY to Irish SOVEREIGN Rights which FF, FG, SF, Rte have HIDDEN for a hundred years to Enable English Crown to Exploit the Irish without using an army. Mindful of De Valera and Collins being under threat of social scandal and execution warrant by the Crown agents, the 1919 Constitution was written to Prevent an Act of TREASON by said English Crown Agents.

The 1919 Constitution states in Article 1 NO Foreign ENTITY can be used to SUBVERT the 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation. The 1916 Proclamation states NO Foreign or Irish people can interfere in SOVEREIGN Dail or SUBVERT it. No court, President or Electorate have jurisdiction to Remove GODs given Natural Rights. The Proclamation CLEARLY states OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY LAND IS GUARANTEED by GOD for the PEOPLE,NOT Dail. Article 2 states NO legislation Definitely ANTI Catholic can be provided for. Article 1 says ANY legislation NOT in accordance with the wording, NO GENERATION CAN SURRENDER SOVEREIGNITY rights, IS VOID. It goes on to say this SOVEREIGNITY, Natural rights HELD IN TRUST, ONLY GOD can amend. It also says Men and Women OWN TO THEM ALONE property land. NO amendments seeking to subvert 1919 Constitution are valid.

This set the scene for the 1922 Adoption Act, NO lawful Adoption of ANY Constitution that sought to SUBVERT the 1919 Constitution UNLESS you could produce documents that prove you are GOD, hard things to find. I make this CLEAR that when Collins went to London it was to discuss politics, he had NO jurisdiction to sign anything, his job was to Listen and bring back suggestions for Irish voters to consider. I also point out that law REQUIRED per 1919 Constitution that NO man, President etc could interfere or amend the Constitution EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO. As I said the writers did NOT Trust De Velara or Collins. The relevant documents 1919 Constitution, 1916 Proclamation, and 1922 Adoption Act are Freely available to the public to confirm that the 1922 Adoption Act could NOT amend the 1919 Constitution or the 1916 Proclamation.

Before I move on to the 1922 Adoption Act Fraud by De Valera, I will quote some of the 1922 Constitution Articles King George wrote for FF, FG, SF, Traitors, which they could NOT obey under EXISTING 1919 Constitution. Article 17, I swear oath allegiance to King George V, his successors and membership to the British Commonwealth. Such oath EVERY member of the Oireachtas takes before representative of the Crown, today Higgins. Article 60 Representative of the Crown, styled as Governor General of FREE state, appointed in manner like Governor General of Canada and Australia. His payment shall be charged to the public and funds for the House in the park. Article 61 ALL revenues of the FREE state Shall be appropriated for the use of courts and judges. In the Constitution Act 1922 it claims Dail Eireann sits as Provisional Parliament signed on 6.12.1921 in London, still one year to go of 1919 Constitution which Bans such Parliament.

So as you can see, the King for his amusement called HIS colony a FREE state, but perhaps NOT so smart. The 1922 Act INSISTS ALL AUTHORITY comes from GOD TO THE PEOPLE NOT TO Dail,UNITY OF IRELAND RESTORED he said. So as you have read, the 1922 Act, said King recognises GOD in charge of rights, NOT Dail, calls it Dail Eireann and recognises 32 county Ireland as in 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution which TDs supposed to serve. As documents explain, even if King or De Velara Wished to Partition Ireland, Segregate Protestant minority from Catholic Majority they had NO jurisdiction, and claim oath to King NOT allowed in 1919 Constitution. At a later stage I WILL list other Articles FF Traitors signed up for, although they had NO jurisdiction to sign. You will have some laughs. In London their 1919 Constitution says NO Foreign ENTITY like the Crown, can SUBVERT Constitution, Null, Void.

Due to NO Smart phones in 1922, NOBODY got to understand that 1922 Adoption Act is called Null ,Void, per statute laws, as it told them it was ANTI Catholic and ANTI 1919 SOVEREIGN Constitution. Same situation in another FF Scam called 1937 Constitution, Null and Void as Foreign ENTITY Crown Oireachtas, SUBVERTED Catholic and GODs SOVEREIGN rights per 1919 oath. The first Dail Eireann President was called Cathal Brugha in 1919, and then English money placed De Velara as President from 1919 to 1921 based on the 1918 IRB election mandate.Like USA in 2014, replace Ukraine President.

Records confirm the 1919 Constitution REMAINED in operation until 6th December 1922. King confirmed HIS TREATY discussions etc signed 6th December,1921, ONE YEAR BEFORE end of 1919 Constitution. By admission of King, 1919 Constitution WOULD NOT ALLOW ANY AMENDMENTS to it by anyone other than GOD. Records confirm that Collins ONLY had permission to take back suggestions of King, he was NOT GOD. Collins Constitution of 1919 states ONLY GOD CAN SURRENDER nation to King etc NOT Collins or Dail, and ANY amendments IF NOT interfering with GODs rights REQUIRES referendum of the people, also two thirds of TDs. Public records confirm Arthur Griffith stated in the Dail on 14th December 1921 that British Ministers did NOT sign Treaty as they had to go to Parliament for it to be ratified, like Dail had also to Ratify with a referendum, which was NOT held, so Void and NULL.

SOVEREIGN President Confirms the ONLY agreement was to have further discussions if NOT violating the 1919 Constitution and to hold referendum. Instead De Velara made Private Cabinet decision , and NO referendum held, this makes it VOID. Public records confirm Crowns Oireachtas was appointed by King George V in Government of Ireland Act,1920. This Foreign Crown Entity was NOT allowed to assist DeVelara to SUBVERT 1919 Constitution. As King George V confirmed, Collins betrayed the Irish on 6.12.2021 with STILL one year to go under 1919 Constitution which ONLY GOD can change. Records confirm De Valera had NO authority to assist the King. With English money De Valera made himself President in 1919 on the 1919 Constitution he Swore oath to UPHOLD, and 1918 Election mandate, used his position to GIVE power to Crowns Oireachtas. Since 1922 Oireachtas assisted TREASON of King and De Valera by segregating Prostestant minority into PARTITION,like Eastern Ukraine and handing over 26 counties as Crown colony in SECRET.

In recent times said Oireachtas further Removed rights in 1937, ANTI Catholic measures again when Oireachtas ATTEMPTED to hand over SOVEREIGNITY to EU with NO jurisdiction to act as GOD. Records confirm courts service has NO license since 1924. Judges are NOT appointed by Dail Eireann but appointed by Crown Oireachtas under English control, to IMPOSE English financial interests NOT statute laws. Records also confirm that in Articles 1,2,3, of INVALID 1922 English Written Constitution, they SUBJECT the church to English Monarch, and claim power to Remove GOD, 1916 Proclamation,1919 Constitution, LUCKY for us ONLY GOD can Change ,FF,FG,SF, have BIG price to pay.

Records confirm that ONE YEAR BEFORE 1922 ADOPTION ACT right up to 1922,December, De Valera and Collins were using 1919 Constitution and 1918 election mandate, SO NO POWER to PRETEND to be GOD. Small words ARE power. Said 1919 Constitution BOUND De Valera to NO amendments to Constitution if it SURRENDERS independence of land, church or SOVEREIGNITY to Foreign ENTITY Crown Oireachtas company, per statute law. He got away with destruction of Eire because people did NOT study the words, SAME again in 2022. When De Valera signed 1922 Adoption Act his 1919 Constitution REQUIRED that this Act must NOT seek to SUBVERT Proclamation or Constitution or church, otherwise IT WOULD BE NULL AND VOID, lucky for us today. The 1919 Constitution ALSO specified IF Adoption Act 1922 was NOT SUBVERTING nation , as King claimed HE was OWNER, IT WOULD STILL REQUIRE two thirds majority of TDs and a public referendum, NONE of which happened. Public records show only majority of 1 TD, NOT the 85 TDs majority and NO referendum. As in the March Oireachtas 2020 coup, it was Private Cabinet meeting of YES men, they Ignored the public and the Constitution.

Many people FAIL to understand the IMPORTANCE of the 1922 Adoption Act. This Act says De Valera PRETENDED HE WAS GOD. The VOID 1922 Act HAS given Irish solid evidence to CLOSE the Royal Dail and Seanad. The 1919 Constitution STILL VALID in December 1922 also SPECIFIED ONLY ONE HOUSE, Dail Eireann in the Mansion House, it did NOT allow 2 NEW houses in Leinster House. Also of great importance in 1922 Adoption Act was the SMALL print King and FF missed significance of. King confirmed GOD IS THE AUTHORITY not man, and said the Act Unifies Ireland. He also confirmed that he Adopted Dail Eireann, AS HE CALLED IT which would mean he AlsoAdopted the 1919 Constitution as the English 1922 claimed oath to the King, NOT possible as Dail 1919 Constitution made VOID.

So as you can see the 1922 Adoption Act did NOT in law Replace 1919 Constitution or Proclamation but, PROVIDED ABSOLUTE PROOF that ALL laws since December 1922 are NULL,VOID per statute law. It is also public record that the 1922 Adoption Act was NOT Ratified by the Sovereign President and MEN WOMEN of Eire had NO referendum to ratify, as with 2020 FG COVID COUP,PRIVATE Cabinet assistance in crime against Irish. It is also public record that SOVEREIGN President of Eire ,McGuire, REFUSED to RATIFY EEC AND EU Treaties and notified EMA an the Oireachtas that Pfizer EMA license is NOT applicable in Eire as NOT an EU member not having Ratified. In due course whwn we win electoral mandate, we WILL use this evidence particularly 1922 Adoption Act, to TERMINATE fraud Oireachtas agreements and courts service, ALL medical damage and medical bills liable to Crown, NOT taxpayers.

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