MANIFESTO Part 6 How to return to people power

Many people that followed the Public Letters story since January 2021 will have read all the many mRNA side effects, the expected death figures and media attack on law and peoples rights. I did advise of the peoples party work to suspend and Remove the EMA license which, for reasons of law, is NOT applicable to Ireland both for religious and political reasons,law and health reasons, due to the Constitution.

I presented ABSOLUTE medical proof to Donnelly,Taioseach Martin, Commissioner Harris, also leaders of SF, FG, Greens, P B Profit as Principle to Agent, also President Higgins, BEFORE roll out, that they had NO authority. Despite having FULL KNOWLEDGE that they were handing YOUR SOVEREIGNITY to the EU and EMA WITHOUT lawful authority to do so, they chose financial gain, rather than Public duty to PROTECT YOUR SOVEREIGNITY.

In the UK, at least they Warned the public of the 3rd stage Pfizer initial test papers on allergy deaths, BAN on use PREGNANT women as NOT even initial tests done, which I presented to UK and Ireland as Pfizer had HIDDEN but I found. When I asked Donnelly to issue such warnings he simply laughed. When they Ignored the ABSOLUTE proof from the UK, USA, reports sent to me which I passed onto them and started the roll out to sell mRNA already bought before any 2 year test results, at my expense I expanded my Notice to Principle to Agent.

You see in law this means each Head of department has to Notify each member of staff. I also contacted ALL 160 TDs and 60 Senators and, AGAIN in May 2021, people assisted me in personal delivery to the Dail. The purpose of Notifying ALL 160 TDs in their Personal capacity is to allow the family of Victims of mRNA to claim Liability from their local TD as they Assisted Reid and Donnelly to sell mRNA to you, playing on your Trust. On twitter for over one year, I displayed the CERTIFIED Records position of the HSE, HPRA, EMA, Pfizer etc, in which they confirmed TDs, Senators, police, judges, priests, doctors and nurses BROKE company position for 30 pieces of silver.

These companies CERTIFIED F O I replies TOLD YOU, as did EMA license description, that if you take mRNA YOU AGREE to NO liability, accept 1,376 side effects and cripple and DEATH injuries for virus healthy have 99 per cent immune recovery. The High Court advised YOU in 2020 the Attorney General position that HE wrote 31A medical and travel ADVICE, that it was NOT law as he is NOT a registered GP able to write medical ADVICE. To protect HIMSELF and the company, government Ireland, from jail for PRETENDING to be GP, he made it quite Clear that it was NOT law, ONLY unqualified medical ADVICE for you to IGNORE if you wish .

It WAS employers and TDs that BROKE their company position. Any bus or train driver, policeman, judge etc that insisted on giving you medical advice causing you FEAR,APPREHENSION or medical injury is personally Liable,NOT company. While some people ignored the peoples party, and became damaged, I continued on your behalf to arrange for you to claim Liability against ANY person that TRICKED you into taking 2 year EXPERIMENT NEVER used on man. Before my paper trail was established, the position of people was that the companies HAD protected themselves, NOT the employees if they Broke company position, which was that YOU VOLUNTEERED to be a guinea pig.

As you will soon find out, insurance firms will NOT accept your claims IF you VOLUNTEERED to be guinea pigs for 1,376 side effects. Soon insurance companies will NOT insure DRIVERS of companies with mRNA experiment. It was explained that after 18 months, possibly hospital staff injected with mRNA would, like other public jobs, have to be placed in Quarantine to NOT infect the Healthy, this WAS the purpose of tracing. The enormous cost of turning the entire population over to a genetic medical device with NO results UNTIL END of trial in 2 years time is NOT LIABLE to Manufacturer because it WAS TDs, Rte and police that HID THE FACTS.

Due to media, police, doctors, priests, TDs etc HIDING the FACTS i presented to YOU and law REQUIRED, you WERE decieved into ACCEPTING to be guinea pigs, to share their EXPERIMENT side effects WITH YOU. My purpose of Notifying ALL departments employees WAS that they could NOT PRETEND they did NOT know said FACTS. They BLACKMAILED you into ABUSING your poor children and the elderly into mRNA EXPERIMENT likely to KILL them.

People like Kenny, O NEILL ,Donnelly etc UNDERSTOOD that law does NOT allow NON GPs to insist on medical products. The law does INSIST on a NON GP listing side effects given by the MANUFACTURER. You HAVE witnessed most media, police, judges, TDs and priests placing UNSIGNED Yellow adverts to USE medical products, that their companies like HSE documents SIGNED by S MOORE, said were dangerous. These SAME criminals inform you that the country is bankrupt, that you have NO rights, NO religion, soon NO food etc, that is the limit of knowledge of YES men, as they Protect THEIR gang.

If you believe this nonsense then YOU let DOWN all the Trusting people THEY ALLOWED to DIE, and allow THEM TO ESCAPE jail and pass THEIR debts unto YOU. They ,like in 1922, sold YOU out,for the 30 pieces of silver. If YOU want to use YOUR LAWS and Constitution, the paper trail available,then USE YOUR VOTE to put YOURSELF in charge. USE YOUR party, the peoples party ireland, to RETURN the DEBT to the Crown.

We intend to find out what the HSE did with 26 BILLION euros last year, while our people died on the streets of Dublin and OUR EMPTY hospitals sent cancer and heart patients home to die. We intend to find out why they collected 57 BILLION euros in taxes last year and why 5 million people pay this for FF, FG ,SF, GREENS , PB Profit to spend on THEMSELVES AND UKRAINE. We should be paying ALMOST NO taxes for the rubbish we get.

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