MANIFESTO Part 5 How to return to people rule

Many people begin to understand how the criminal companies returned Eire from Sovereign 1918 to 1922 English Crown colony in the guise of a company called Royal Dail Oireachtas. Anyone that can read has in Parts 1 to 4 seen the statute laws THEY Broke using UNLICENSED court, since 1924, and using the registered company 89000534 which THEY own, called Garda, as cement to protect the gang.

I have listed the individual profits like the Garda at 709.02 million, different Garda stations, courts, prisons, Attorney General office etc. The young people good with buttons could find out more. The reason why they get rich and you get poor is because you Trusted them to do the right thing, but this time they got to greedy when they crossed the line, stepping into the world of drug gangs.

I am sure some of you say why write the law when the judges and police use the law to commit crime. The answer is quite simple, the more you read, the more you learn how to Use the law for good. Let me give you an example. Mr policeman beats you up on a bus for Not wearing a mask. He then kidnaps you to police station, tortures and abuses you, then kidnaps you to court and the judge fines you, it is called exploiting public Trust.

It is usual the judge will select a solicitor to RE present you, but he is usually there to MIS represent you. His job is to RE present your rights by Protecting the police,NOT you. The judge knows if you say the right words, and ask people to witness, then he WILL have to dismiss and charge police for assault, so best for judge that he gives you a solicitor, you are then told to keep quiet, ONLY solicitor can talk and so he sets you up .

If you have NO solicitor, you take out a 2 page copy of 31A regulations and instruct the judge that you complied with section 296 of 31A. You read out what it says, must NOT wear mask if you feel stress or discomfort, ONLY YOU can feel, NOT judge. Go on to explain that Mr policeman assaulted you because HE wanted you to BREAK section 296 of 31A. He Broke his oath and tried to get you,MR Judge, to also break Your oath to PROTECT my right to NOT wear mask

You can then ask Mr Judge to arrest Mr policeman for contempt of court, seeking to Force medical procedures, break section 296 of 31A, seek costs for stress, travel expenses and, claiming to be a GP. If you did that , the result is NO more fraud 31A cases, NO taxpayers paying police, judges, clerks, etc court attendance fees, and NO massive revenue collected from Victims of police crime to support UNLAWFUL court.

Just like courts service Owns police and DPP, it is the Same with solicitors, they get NO license from the Law Society, or easy cases from judge if they Defend police Victim, their is NO money in truth. That is why my Grandfather wrote for you the SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann Courts, which the peoples party ireland can give you back. No more TD selected judges or UNLICENSED court.

Doubtless you have heard the new legal trick.Just like the mRNA sales rep, you also have the legal sales rep. Let me explain their little trick, their tale of gloom and the end of rights. They Have paid some law reps to tell you, for example, the McEntee package. They tell you MUST sign census form because the Taoiseach said so, 31A is law, and once TDs sign the WHO treaty, your rights are finished. You see,they FORGOT to mention the Important bit. If you did NOT have the 1916 Proclamation and the 1919 Constitution which bound them in 1922 Adoption Act and Tricolour flag, which my Grandfather wrote then you might be in trouble.

FACT IS his Constitution and Proclamation MEANS IN LAW that NO law can be passed without a referendum, if it seeks to change the Proclamation, the Constitution and if it tries to subvert the constitution ONLY GOD can decide. He wrote the Garda oath to Protect the Constitution from Dail. With regard the MAIN issues, freedom, property rights, religion, neutrality, he wrote the Constitution,Proclamation that such rights given by God, ARE INALIENABLE. McEntee faces TREASON if she tries to Remove these.

The peoples party ireland WILL place ALL TDs, police etc who committed treason in jail for Life, that is the Constitution and Proclamation job. To allow these criminals freedom is called Fraud. You MUST wake up and SEE the words. McEntee, Harris etc have NO property rights over you. They swear oath to PROTECT your rights NOT to Remove them. Put me in power and I WILL USE the law. I have been busy collecting the evidence of the last two years. In the Easter Risings of 1916 ULSTERMEN came to fight for SOVEREIGN rule. When they went home,FF,FG,SF, stabbed them in the back.

When I came to the 4 courts for Easter 2020 the lines of Blue coats Crown Agents tried to stop me and the girls going to the court case. I took them all on with my knowledge of law. As they tried to stop me and Failed, I looked up above the Harp of the 4 courts and saw my Grandfather, the big man from ULSTER, laugh at me.He said this time it is ONLY war of words, NO bullets required.

He is right. He gave us the law to use against Bluecoats that REPLACED the Red coats. Eire needs a leader that understands the law and what SOVEREIGN President McGuire has done for Eire. You see in international law, because SOVEREIGN President REFUSED Ratify the EU Treaties and Royal Dail, ALL 2020 debts BEFORE AND SINCE , BELONG to the Crown Oireachtas, NO to SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann. SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann offers you a debt free EIRE, a gold backed Punt and Peoples courts,a return to the Institutions like Garda under oath. Start reading the letters.

Around the world my followers are spreading the word. Soon I will explain the 2013 Motu Proprio, the party served it on ALL BAR courts.It is the highest legal document in the world. For now all you have to do is to Decline the offer of an mRNA EXPERIMENT which the Manufacturer does NOT have the results of for 2 years etc, insist on NO contract, and insist you have NO slave contract. Once you begin to understand that YOU are the BOSS of YOU, No one else is BOSS of YOU, then you ARE on your way. Take NO notice of blaming immigrants, just OPEN your eyes to see the truth.

Almost ALL 160 TDs ,60 Senators, civil service managers etc that take you for a ride ARE IRISH, it has always been Irish that stab you in the back. For centuries the City of London has hired Traitors, SAME in England, to exploit us all, English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish. Foreign people are busy finding their feet. It is Irish TDs, generation after generation since 1922, that Have built THEIR SECRET little world of corruption to EXPLIOT the people.

Famine, wars by City of London Corporation, NOT English people, have left a country with the richest farmland in the EU just EMPTY of people. We do NOT need the EU, it NEEDS OUR food ,fish, it is time for the Irish to enjoy it. We have food for 60 million people, untold sea wealth, tourism and history. In 1918 we set up SOVEREIGN to ENJOY it ,sneaky Crown,FF,FG,SF tricked you as they tricked you in 2020,time to RETURN1918 SOVEREIGN rule. Enough of people that sell you out for the 30 pieces of silver.

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