MANNIFESTO Part 4 How to return to people rule

As you will be aware in Parts 1,2,3, in 1922 FF,FG,SF joined King George V in a political coup. They UNLAWFULLY removed Sovereign Dail Eireann of 1918 to 1922 and replaced with the Royal Dail Oireachtas. This Crown Corporation RETURNED the Sovereign 32 county Eire to a 26 county state also belonging to the English Crown and, appointed a NON Sovereign President.

It had NO valid election mandate.It passed the 1922 Adoption Act, which was under oath to 1919 Constitution, the 1916 Proclamation and the Tricolour flag. ALL these it took an oath to, belonged to the 1918 election mandate. Without jurisdiction , it signed the Anglo Irish Treaty in 1921, UNDER oath to the 1919 Constitution. This Constitution stated NO change could be made to it WITHOUT two thirds majority of TDs and a referendum and NO electorate can change natural GOD given rights,ONLY GOD can change it said.

Public records confirm that they ONLY had the TD vote to sign the Treaty intending to BAN the Sovereign Constitution, 58 seats voted FOR out of 128 seats, LESS than the two thirds majority required and NO referendum was held of the people, as in 2020 and Treaty NOT valid due to 1919 to 1922 oath and only God can change in Constitution. Article 34 REQUIRED a two thirds majority, a public referendum and NO amendment valid IF it subverted the Nations SOVEREIGN 1918 government.Articles 25 to 28, NO second House Seanad allowed.

These ARE the FACTS recorded, that since 1922 the Royal Dail, Royal Seanad and Oireachtas set up a Fraudulent Corporation. Its 1937 Constitution is Void as based on Void 1922 contract signed in 1921 one year BEFORE expiry of 1919 Constitution ONLY GOD can Expire. As records show , by law, we only have ONE valid Parliament called SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann. The Constitution of 1919 still valid in 1922 did NOT allow the Royal Dail or Seanad or SUBVERSION of the 1916 Proclamation.

In order to cement the 2 Crown Oireacthas Royal Parliaments, the Oireachtas SECRETLY set up Supreme courts ,courts service, closing WITHOUT jurisdiction the Supreme court in existence since 1920, using Provisional SF forces in pay of Crown and, gave court a private police force, the function being to Protect court efforts to EXPLOIT the Irish for the Crown. The courts and police are NOT the Institutions my Grandfather set up in 1920 and 1921 and, as the Attorney General confirmed in June 2021, my Grandfather did NOT renew the court license in 1924 as NOT Sovereign or Lawful, forced by Provisionals.

The last 2 years has shown Ireland its greatest problem, a foreign owned Corporation called courts service and a Private police OWNED by the court and a DPP, used to Protect TDs who elect judges to Protect THEM. We have travelled the country to monitor said UNLICENSED judges. We have the details of judges, police and DPP bringing Fraud cases to make profits for courts and police. We presented all this ABSOLUTE proof to 160 TDs and 60 Senators, NOT one took any interest in the human misery caused by DPP, police, judges, who FARM humans as sheep

For example, courts select some police and shops with TD interests, to work with Rte to create FEAR movies. They go on buses,trains shops when Agents call them, the usual excuse is a mask. The Attorney General explained in the High Court that HE wrote 31A travel and medical advice regulations,that they Cannot be law as he is NOT a GP doctorand HSE C848 and C849 said masks Useless and Dangerous. In section 296 of 31A , it CLEARLY states that HSE advise to NOT wear mask if stress or illness. ONLY YOU can decide such conditions.Despite the public telling police of section 296, they got beaten up.

They are then UNLAWFULLY kidnapped to a police station, tortured, humiliated, ALL clothes including underwear removed, often held overnight, then Forced into court on NO contract, they being Victim of police crime. At these UNLICENSED courts, these Victims of police assault, torture and kidnap, are prosecuted for NO crime by the DPP and police attackers, judges refuse law and fine Victims or jail, these ARE the MONSTERS that MUST BE held to account by the NEW courts.

Usually the police arrange 5 different court appearances to make Maximum profit for judges police Corporation, hence its 709.02 million in profits. Judges refuse their oath and public evidence, they allowed largest criminal gang Pfizer, with 9.7 BILLION court fines, to DESTROY Ireland. In many of said criminal assaults by police and judges, it is arranged for Rte to release a verdict BEFORE the trial has even finished and, judges arrange solicitor to pretend police are innocent.

We have collected this evidence. In some cases, judge jail old people for SMILING, also for insisting to Comply with section 296 which says NO mask required if stress, police perjury and solicitors MIS representing victims. This evidence has been carefully provided to former Chief justice and the New Chief justice, also to the Attorney General who wrote 31A and section 296,NO mask required. ALL court cases under Article 30 are in the Attorney Generals name, yet he takes great pleasure in judges breaking law. The Chief justice Department appear to think it is quite amusing to be criminals assisting police crime against elderly people. The EU court has recieved the data and are NOT amused.

It was Function of police and judges to uphold Garda oath which my Grandfather wrote,to PREVENT dangerous mRNA experiment on the public, instead they assisted Pfizer. This is ALL in the EU court and the new Dail Eireann Courts will HOLD them to account for the destruction of Ireland. It WILL be because of these deaths, already confirmed by Sir Christopher Chope in UK Parliament, that people WILL INSIST on a RETURN to SOVEREIGN1918 law and jail for courts service and its private security and others.

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