MANNIFESTO Part 3 How to return to people power

In parts 1 and 2 you will have read the detailed account of the statute Acts, the 1916 Proclamation, the Tricolour flag and the ONLY valid 1919 Constitution, the 1918 election mandate held by the IRB, the party that won three quarters of all 32 county seats. To your horror, you will have read the 1922 Adoption Act and oath to the 1916 Proclamation and flag which FF and FG and SF are bound by. As you will note, NO election or REFERENDUM was held in 1922,a political coup, as they have done in 2020.

As already indicated, my Grandfather helped write most of these foundation documents, the 1922 Garda oath and 1924 Court Act, to PROTECT the ONLY valid court,the Dail Eireann Courts. Recently , June 2021, the Attorney General confirmed in writing, from my family archives that my Grandfather Refused to Renew the courts service license in 1924, as courts service judges are appointed by corrupt TDs and 1922 was Fraud.

Under existing Fraud laws since 1922, the Private corporation called Royal Oireachtas and its President Higgins, is NOT Sovereign as its purpose is to serve the queen, NOT the church or the Irish. As this Corporation is NOT lawful, it has Fraudulently elected judges, many being former TDs, to represent financial interests of TDs and the Crown. Its judges do NOT apply the law, they apply their personal interest, they Break the law. Before explaining our plans for the Return to Lawful Dail Eireann Courts, where Adjudicators elected by the public WILL apply Statute and Constitution laws, I must point out some Facts.

Courts service was SECRETLY turned into the registered Corporation, Bar Association, both being Owned by the Foreign company, Crown Temple. It has NO jurisdiction over Man or Woman. Another well kept SECRET is that the Private security firm, registered as 89000534, often called Garda, is OWNED by courts service. The Garda INSTITUTION was SECRETLY removed. This SECRET company made 709.02 million in profits from Fraud fines, fraud court cases, private security to the media, transport,hospital companies and, tax payers fraud in court fees etc.

More alarming was the media announcement by the police commissioner that he ordered the DPP to PRETEND that 31A was law, when the Attorney General stated it was NOT law in the High Court, he committed Perjury. It IS public record that at the CCJ on 26th January,2022, Judge Tresa Kelly stated,so media claim, the DPP had written to her stating that they wrote 31A, and ordered ALL judges to PRETEND 31A is law, DPP have NO jurisdiction to write law and A General stated he wrote 31A as ADVICE not law.

The public cases in 2020 from the High Court, numbers 2020 IEHC673 and 2020 IEHC461 state the Verdict, read and witnessed by justice Garret Simons, and confirmed many times in the Dail by the Taioseach, as NOT law. In paragraph 161 it states, ALL government 31A travel and medical Advice is ONLY ADVISORY MEASURES, NOT BINDING in nature, MERELY REQUESTS,NO legal requirement or lawful obligation to RESRICT movements or follow. The Attorney General wrote 31A, NOT the DPP and, he is NOT a registered GP, has NO jurisdiction to give medical advice,let alone call it law, which is why he called it ADVICE, NOT law.

From the above FACTS, the public can understand that the Unlicensed since 1924 private company, called courts service has used its own private police to Serve Fraudulent summonses, for court business gains. In similar fashion,it used judges and police to Force sale of medical products FOR the main shareholder,GSK, the Queen. The DPP and judges claim the right to NOT apply the law. These private companies employees have publicly claimed liability for forcing people to take medical procedures and products, not the companies, as they stated NOT law and side effects which their staff CONCEALED without regard for Victims.

It is important that people understand why we will NOT close down said companies, instead we will NOT use them, as to do so would be to continue FF,FG,SF, FRAUD, we will not be liable for their debts, pensions etc. By NOT closing courts service or the police, and using EXISTING Sovereign Dail EIREANN expanded service and Returning Garda Institution, these Fraudulent companies will have NO customers and go bankrupt. We will pass the court Buildings Return Act, which will remove ALL court buildings to Dail Eireann COURTS, as tax payers paid for them. All court and police pensions and wages etc are NOT tax payers liability they can apply to Crown.

It IS treason that took place when the Royal OIREACHTAS SECRETLY turned our Institutions into private foreign owned Corporations to EXPLOIT you, but a hidden benefit exists for you. In law, the reality is that when we remove the Royal Oireachtas, its pensions, wages,etc will have to be paid by the Crown, the Owner of said companies. Likewise, ALL chemical bills belong to the government of Ireland, NOT the tax payer. Instead of the Irish paying the Crown company GSK chemical bills, as we have been paying the Crown World War 1 and 2 Debts, it will be the Oireachtas corporation footing the bill ,NOT the tax payer.

Just as these Private companies WILL be liable for paying THEIR debts, NOT SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann, so to will its employees be liable for breaking the company position and, causing you deaths etc. Courts service companies declared 31A is NOT law, also HSE and the Regulator,HPRA gave CERTIFIED documents,C851, which states NO proof mRNA works, C852 proof mRNA dangerous and C839 NO proof covid exists.

It is companies EMPLOYEES, most media, priests and doctors that Broke their companies CERTIFIED position, causing deaths and injuries for financial gains, by Lying and Concealing known dangers. In part 4 I will be giving more information on the REPLACEMENT of the UNLICENSED courts and police. the SOVEREIGN President is, subject to the usual safeguards, willing to license a new system.

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