MANNIFESTO Part 2 How to return to people rule.

In Part 1 you have read the proof of 160 TDs and 60 Senators forcing the business interests of the Crown Corporation, the Royal Oireachtas, to sell mRNA, the Main shareholder of mRNA being GSK, whose Main shareholder is Queen and EU Commission President Ursala von der Leyen. Regardless of the UK Parliament stating the dangers, this Private group YOU pay to PROTECT your Sovereign rights etc, has removed your Constitution and medical protections, for the financial gain of the Crown.

Instead of 2 years concern for the Irish dying in tents on the streets of Dublin,many there due to the closure of small Irish businesses,all concern is for protecting 200,000 Ukraine victims of company dictators,records show they have bombed East Ukraine for 8 years in programme of ethnic cleansing, first started in world war 2. ireland is NOT in Nato and Ukraine is Not in NATO or EU.

The present group of foreign owned companies have been used since 1922 to continue English rule of Eire as a Crown colony,to Protect civil servants engaged in fraud and exploitation of the Irish. If elected we will close the contract of the two, since 1922,Unlawful Parliaments, the Royal Oireahtas and the Royal Seanad, imposed in a FF,FG coup for King George V. You have witnessed Dictator Varadkar state in the Dail that he is NOT allowing Your children to have First Holy Communion and Confirmation, or parents to attend Mass WITHOUT His permission.

This person also decided he could Replace your Sovereign Eire passport, the 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution Rights to travel Freely, go to pubs etc, and Replace with Green passport and Insist on mRNA experiment, a medical device said Pfizer but he said a vaccine. This person also allowed EU Commision President Ursala to close the border with the UK despite 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution which Refuse ANY Surrender of Soverignity, border or religion to the EU or the Crown.

Even more serious is the racial discrimination against Russians and the Irish. This person insisted adults and children Cannot participate in society unless they have the mRNA experiment which he KNEW was dangerous to life, as HSE C852 stated.With regard 200,000 Ukraine victims of similar dictators Forcing racial discrimination and New world agenda experiments, he has insisted that these victims are NOT required to have green passports or mRNA.

He goes on to state that ONLY the Irish can be asked if they have mRNA or PCR experiments but that Ukranian people Must be given respect for their privacy rights which Irish are NOT allowed to have. I would like to explain what Varadkar has FORGOTTEN with regards the Sovereign Tricolour flag,1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution he swore oath to uphold,said flag held in Trust by Sovereign President William McGuire.

This brings me to the 1916 Sovereign Proclamation and 1919 Constitution, much written by my Grandfather, which explains why Varadkar and others Now face life imprisonment for treason which they admit in public. I begin with Simple words, Varadkar etc is born as a man with NO rights over other men.His company, government Ireland, also has NO rights over Man or Woman WITHOUT YOUR permission.

Recently you have read media sales reps quoting new cases of covid which is NOT possible to do as CDC , the WHO etc withdrew PCR as it is UNABLE to detect the virus, as stated in HSE document C839 NO covid found and CDC agree, NO proof virus exists and NO test. These corporations Still run Fraud PCR test and Pretend mRNA does NOT kill or injure, and still insists it is NOT a 2 year experiment,Despite the manufacturer and EMA licence which state it is a 2 year genetic mRNA mechanical device.

These corporations also Pretend that the 2 Parliaments of 1922 are Lawful,the Royal Oireachtas and the Royal Seanad,when in FACT, they are NOT lawful, only representing 26 counties on behalf of the Queen. The third Parliament is Sovereign Dail Eireann.This was the 1918 elected 32 county Sovereign government. King George V called this election. It was based on the 1916 Proclamation,1919 Constitution and the Tricolour flag.

Public records confirm that WITHOUT a Referendum and two thirds TDs vote, all REQUIRED by 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation,FF,FG, Provisional SF joined KING George V in a political coup against IRISH Republican Brotherhood Sein Fein lawfully elected government, for the 30 pieces of silver.

In the 1922 political coup, FF,FG and Crown Provisional SF army they returned Eire to the Crown as a colony and Segregated the Protestant minority into a separate 6 county state, as Putin is doing in East Ukraine, using English artillary and money, like Russia. They claimed it was Lawful by the 1922 Adoption Act, as Adoption means,they adopted 1919 Constitution,HAVING signed 1922 treaty in 1921 under oath to Not Surrender Sovereign to Crown, and 1916 Proclamation, the Tricolour flag, the Seal of Harp with Eire written on ,as seen on your passport, under sworn oath to uphold 1919 Constitution.

The 1919 Constitution states in Article 34, NO CHANGE can be made to Dail Eireann Courts, Dail Eireann government or the 1919 Constitution WITHOUT a referendum, two thirds of TDs and general election mandate and it specifies ONLY GOD can AMMEND Natural rights stated in 1919 Constitution, NO referendum can change. These Rules were MANDATORY for signing 1922 Adoption Act, otherwise Null, Void. To be Lawful the 1922 REQUIRED acceptance EXISTING 1919 CONSTTUTION,1918 IRB election mandate, flag and 1916 Proclamation.

It held NO referendum, did NOT obtain two thirds TDs majority, just proclaimed a coup in a private Cabinet meeting, as in the 2020 coup called covid Bill. The Vatican annointed Sovereign President is the Lawful President and Dail Eireann and 1920 Supreme court and Dail Eireann Court are valid, the Provisional courts service is UNLICENSED since 1924.

The lawful Restoration Act will correct FF,FG,SF, and Crown Treason against Sovereign Eire, by closing two unlawful contracts with corporation Oireathas, set up in 1920 for purpose of SUBVERTING 1919 Constitution, which in its Articles allows only one Parliament, NOT the present 3 Parliaments.

A special Dis establishment Act will be passed to cancel UNLAWFUL 1937 FF Constitution which Attempted to SUBVERT the 1919 Constitution,1916 Proclamation , the Catholic Church and Sovereign rights. A commission will be set up to REMOVE ant Justice Department Bills passed since 1924 which SUBVERT Sovereign rights, 1919 Constitution, 1916 Proclamation, with prosecution for TRASON for writers of such Bills. In PART 3 I will explain various Bills with regards REMOVAL of Fraudulent companies PRETENDING to operate as courts and police, the ONLY licensed courts being Dail Eireann COURTS set up in 1920,unlawfullyreplaced by unlicensed Crown courts service.

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