MANIFESTO PART 1 How to return to people rule

For over 2 years many people have followed the peoples party ireland,shared their ideas explained the torture and duress used to blackmail them into taking a genetic mRNA 2 year experiment, NOT approved as a vaccine,only permission to start 2 year genetic experiment if Emergency of Dying Hence its name Emergency on conditions.

The party laid down a Manifesto based on existing statute law and Sovereign rights and I would now like to explain the Bills we intend to pass which will Return the Sovereign Eire 1918 to 1922 Parliament of the people, Not like present Parliament of Private companies exploiting trusting people. Each time I have written in Public letters the EXACT statute laws and Sovereign rights BROKEN by 160 TDs, 60 Senators and their Agents, many such protections written by my Grandfather.

It is vital the Irish understand Their laws which Protect them and the function of a company as opposed to the function of a MAN, WOMAN, for the purpose of law. Ignorance of law equals slavery. Since 2021 the company, government Ireland was aware that the Second reading in the House of Commons on mRNA injury and deaths Compensation Bill by Sir Christopher Chope, had taken place. The UK Parliament OPENLY confirm 435 blood clot Victims and 1,632 Deaths in the UK and 35,000 injuries. On 19th March,2020, they Declassified covid as NOT serious, as NO longer a High consequence infectious disease.

They also confirm these figures from the UK Yellow Card records. Also the European Database to February 26th 2022 gives 40,788 DEAD and 3,771,826 serious injuries,they say only one per cent reported. Sir Christopher also stated that the NHS confirm if mRNA NOT taken,such deaths and injuries, would NOT have happened.NHS said mRNA does NOT stop transmission or getting infected but DOES cause Permanent damage to immune system, according to Autopsies.

The EMA license is called EMERGENCY use ONLY , with CONDITIONS,public records show the Only political party to send copy of license description in 2020 to the Oireachtas was the peoples party ireland. This license was NOT for an approaved vaccine, it was Permission to start a 2 Year mRNA mechanical device EXPERIMENT in EMERGENCY use IF DYING,NOT if 99.9 immune recovery, which HSE confirmed is the case with Most Healthy people, INCLUDING old people,NOT TO BE USED LIKE TOOTHPASTE.

The party also sent HSE and HPRA CERTIFIED RECORDS AUTHORISED by S Moore, Emer Kelly which state in C851 NO proof mRNA works,C852 proof mRNA is Dangerous and C839 NO proof covid EXISTS.The party also sent copy of Yellow covid adverts by different NON medical company government Ireland, which carry NO signatures as they state the OPPOSITE of HSE CERTIFIED medical position.We also sent HSE C849 masks dangerous,C848 masks Useless.C850 NO proof social distancing works.C846 NO proof general lockdowns work.C847 NO proof elderly lockdowns work.

I sent all this CERTIFIED proof, NOT any personal opinion,on 25th December,2020, two years AGO ,to ALL Government departments, medical boards, courts police, DPPand Rte, BEFORE roll out of mRNA genetic experiment, 1,376 known side effects including death advised to government. In law this is called ABSOLUTE evidence of risks, and IS Lawful REQUIREMENT of sections 4 and 11 Mis leading Advertising Acts,and 2007 and 2014 consumer Protection Acts,NO medical claims can be made Without proof that HSE is wrong.

ALSO I sent ALL parties a copy of High Court cases 2020 IEHC673AND 2020IEHC461, the Verdict of government position on 31A Bill given by Attorney General, the WRITER of the 31A Bill, which he wrote in his capacity as person with NO medical qualifications. Justice G Simons read out paragraph 161 almost 2 YEARS ago, ALL 31A travel and medical advice is NOT BINDING IN LAW , merely requests,NO OBLIGATION to RESTRICT movements. The above work is ABSOLUTE proof that ALL 160 TDs ,60 Senators,judges police etc,BROKE Government Ireland CERTIFIED position that 31A is NOT law and BROKE HSE CERTIFIED position of covid FRAUD, putting innocent lives at RISK.

If elected,the party WILL make sure that those who BROKE the law and gave dangerous medical advice which the UK Parliament said HAS caused death and injury,will be arrested as criminals per statute law. They WILL be arrested for Concealment of medical dangers, also Neglect of public duty to inform that 31A is NOT law.the 1990 Criminal Justice Act carries LIFE imprisonment.Also charges under section 12 of Criminal Law Act,1976,causing Fear Apprehension, using duress to Force sale to the tax payer of 9 million doses of mRNA at a cost of 200 Million euro,BOUGHT BEFORE roll out,the deal November, 2020, on Speculation of save vaccine license, NOT given,ONLY permission to start an experiment.

Also offences under Perjury Act,2021.Further offences under section 39,Domestic Violence Act, 2018 and section 9of NFOAP Act, 1997, in which TDs INCITED police and courts into Forcing medical experiments.The public will use the New courts system to claim compensation from TDs and Senators in their PERSONAL capacities as their companies said NOT law.It WAS TDs, police,DPP and judges,NOT HSE ,whom Insisted on mRNA and some HSE Managers acting in their personal capacity. The public Must understand the IMPORTANCE to collect proof that your doctor, TD,police etc did NOT give you the information on the side effects of medical products which law REQUIRES them to do.

As I explained in 2020 BEFORE roll out, both the EMA and Pfizer etc stated,like HSE,HPRA ,the said Dangers to life.It was TDs ,employers,judges,police and some HSE managers that LIED to you. I also warned you that you can ONLY use mRNA if an EMERGENCY and a person is dying, as EMA license hidden by twitter and Loraine Nolan of HPRA confirmed. HSE sent booklet to ALL houses in 2020, that stated on page 7, ONLY mild flu for most,so in law YOU VOLUNTEERED FOR RISK INJURY AND DEATH, reason for many insurance life policies refusing payout.

Many parents have placed their children at unnecessary risk.Many parentsWILL lose jobs and insurance, become a health risk and incur constant medical expenses. To offset the massive expense, the new government WILL freeze ALL assets of companies and individuals whom assisted the sale and use of medical products which the HSE,Pfizer etc said were dangerous. In PART 2,I will be stating the measures to be taken against MAIN supporter of TDs and Senators to SUBVERT the HSE,Attorney general and the Irish Constitution,the Foreign registered company called courts service and the company it is registered Ownerof,called Garda.

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