Public letter to Taioseach,medical and legal Fraud 25th December,2021.

Dear Taioseach,

I have been asked by the peoples party ireland to state that I REQUIRE, under Freedom of Information Act the records of WRITER of Fraudulent Bill,signed WITHOUT jurisdiction on 21.12.21. President said he signed covid Ammendment No 2 Act,2021,NO 46. He FAILED to state the MAN, WOMAN whom it appears committed Fraud under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act,2001.

I REQUIRE to inspect Records to find out which MAN, WOMAN claims property rights OWNERSHIP over ALL MEN, WOMEN, granting right to Force Medical Experiments on humans, instead of guinea pigs like rats. Unless this MAN, WOMAN can produce a Purchase bill reciept proving OWNERSHIP of ALL Irish being his or her slaves,then NO authority exists to claim PROPERTY RIGHTS.

Public records confirm I informed you last year that your company confirmed its UNDERSTANDING that I am NOT a slave, I trade as FREEMAN operating under common law, NOT Oireactas fraud. The Fraudulent bill does NOT state my excemption or OTHERS registered as FREEMAN so this IS attempt to commit Treason,under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, LIFE imprisonment.

If somebody informed President of Ammendment, extension 31A, NOT law as Before Supreme Court as Repugnant Constitution, then I REQUIRE name so I can ask police to arrest and prosecute. A private company or justice department is piece of PAPER and CANNOT FORGE papers or OWN property such as a slave, unless it has Signed PURCHASE contract which WRITER must NOW produce.

Can you confirm Attorney General advised you that 31A is NOT law and Before Supreme Court,as written in newspapers.This person wrote letter to me stating his job is to advise you of Fraud.You understand if Attorney General did NOT advise of 31A as he Promised to do under OATH in High Court, WITNESS Justice G Simons, then you MUST ask him to RESIGN as in Contempt of High Court.

If he DID advise you, then you MUST RESIGN as records state you and OTHERS sent Fraud Bill to President. On 2nd December,2021,You stated in Dail 31A masks etc, are NOT law. On your behalf, Attorney General stated NON medical private company,government Ireland accepts HSE C839 that NO proof covid exists.Only courts service,police,media,Npet sell experiments.

If , as stated in Bill, Donnelley can make legislation WITHOUT other 159 TDs being asked to APPROVE this WILL mean 159 TDs REFUSE to REPRESENT people and MUST RESIGN. Dictator is NOT acceptable to the Irish population.

Yours sincerely,G. Martin.

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