Dear Donal O’Donnell

According to my records, I first wrote to the President of the High Court on 10th January 2021 to report a Mis-trial by Judge Fiona Lydon on 17th July, and again on 17th December 2020. There was NO reply.

On 14th July 2020, I was assaulted on bus number 64, Galway to Derry, first by the bus driver who insisted I must break Section 296 of 31A Regulations, which state I must NOT wear a mask if stress or disability.

My video evidence shows that I explained my disability under Section 296, and I also reminded him that 31A is NOT law, and there is a court case pending, as explained by the Attorney General. The Statute law Equality Act 2010 says cannot be forced.

Instead of receiving an apology, the bus company employed the private company, owned by Courts Service, registration 89000534, to board the bus at Ballyhaunis. Said employees refused the Garda oath and acted in a private capacity.

Acting as private citizens, the video showed me explaining the correct law and these employees BREAKING the law, trying to force me to break Section 296 of 31A, which states I must NOT damage my health by wearing a mask.
They caused me Fear and Apprehension, which carries 5 years jail term under Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act 1976, and 10 years jail term under Breaking Garda Oath. I was a victim of a crime by the bus driver. They had NO jurisdiction over me, a MAN.

They left the bus in embarrassment as they could NOT, and did NOT arrest me for NO mask. Still, the bus driver refused to start the bus, so I left the bus to please the driver. The embarrassed police arrested me for talking to the driver.

Next, I was UNLAWFULLY kidnapped to the police station and tricked into signing a Court contract for July 17th, which I thought was only a release form. My charge was having a private conversation with the driver, NO trespass.
At this hearing, Judge Fiona Lydon refused to read the charge, refused my right to talk, and show video evidence. Police had NO charge but asked Judge for 5 months to produce new evidence. The Judge allowed this. The mask was not mentioned.

The Judge allowed the Times newspaper and RTE to state: The first man sentenced for NOT wearing a mask on the bus, and, despite NO such arrest or charge ever made, allowed my home address to be released, and incited hatred against me.

According to Rules of Court Procedure and Court reporting, the Judge allowed the Media to decide I was guilty of not wearing a mask, which Section 296 states are my personal choice; guilty, Prejudicial to the next Hearing on December 17th.

At once I wrote to Judge Lydon stating the Fundamental defects and REQUIRED Dismissal. The Judge did NOT dispute my request, and 21 days to dispute passed, therefore the LAWFUL assumption case was dismissed.

Following bad advice from people I trusted, on December 17th, 2020, I attended the further hearing with the same judge but, involuntary capacity, on understanding that I would be protected by Rules of Court Procedure.

At this hearing, the Judge refused my right to speak, hear any charge or show my video evidence. The Judge refused to hear of the 5 months of intimidation by police, house surveillance, fraudulent summons, and detentions.

The judge had allowed the Times and RTE to release, before the end of the Hearing, a verdict of 2 months jail for NO mask, despite NO such charge made, or a requirement to wear a mask, under Section 296 of 31A.

At once I contacted the President of the High Court, the Garda Ombud3mi,n, DPP, also the Attorney General, as he is the highest law officer who advised the public in the High Court that 31A is NOT law, ONLY ADVICE.

I also advised the former Chief Justice, and requested, under Sections 9 and 10 of the Oireachtas Procedures Act, 2013, the removal of Judge Lydon on grounds of misbehavior and misconduct, in causing Fear and Apprehension.
I also reminded the Chief Justice of Rule 5, Constitutional Declaration, 2016. If ANY JUDGE DELIBERATELY BREAKS LAW, Constitution, or Judicial Oath in Court Room, such Hearing or DECISION is VOID and INVALID.

Also, Rule 6, members of the public are NOT obliged to comply with UNLAWFUL, Unconstitutional directions from Garda, Courts Service, or ANY member of the judiciary or judge, and also reminded that the Courts have NO license since 1924.

I also made an application to the Chief Justice and Garda Ombudsman for protection from both, under Article 13 of ECHR, Article 47 of the EU Charter of Hum*n Rights, Article 8 of EDHR, and 2.3 of ICCPR.

You will be aware these offer protection to individuals who wish to complain of alleged violations of rights under the Convention. Irish Courts are bound to give effective Judicial Protection to Victims of Police assault.

Instead of Judicial Protection, I was set up by Courts Service to get around Attorney General stating 31A is NOT law. The Judge used police, RTE, the Times, and DPP to PRETEND 2 months jail if NO mask.

Received house surveillance, was assaulted by the police, received several fraudulent Invitations to Court, ALL of which I wrote to District Clerks and LAWFULLY DECLINED said INVITATIONS, with NO dispute of the evidence I supplied.
This LAWFUL right to DECLINE court Invitations if NO physical Trespass is the PRECEDENT already established by J Ages Fiona Lydon, McGrath, and yourself, as Judge O’Donnell, per CCJ, summons ignored.

As public records confirm, the 3 Judges and 100 other public figures have NOT turned up for court summons but, UNLIKE me, they did NOT write to the Clerk stating Fundamental Defects, and were, NOT arrested.
The Statute laws apply to the public, police, and Judges, as do the Rules of Court Procedure.

I NOTIFY you that law REQUIRES the arrest of Judge Lydon, and investigation of neglect of duty by former Chief Justice.
Further intimidation has resulted after the Times and RTE hate incitement against me, in which they repeat the 2020 allegations of sail for NO mask, despite their letters of apology last year, using me to cause FEAR.

The following crimes are on video for EU Court:

On 10th November 2021, 4 trespassers assaulted me and kidnapped me to jail, where ALL my clothes, even underwear, were removed and I was placed in something called a hole.

I was then severely beaten, physically forced a mask on me, which HSE confirms is dangerous, and denied ALL rights as a human being. I reported my abduction to Superintendent Moran, who finds it amusing.

Video evidence confirms 4 civilians refusing Garda Oath, any Lawful charge, or paperwork with my name. Also, they refuse my documents showing my protection under Ombudsman and Courts from police intimidation.

Instead, these thugs state, we are not interested in law, Oath, or Rules of Procedure, as did Judge Lydon. They assisted Courts Service to set me up as an advertisement for Mr. Holohan’s Fear campaign.

All of the above information was supplied to the Governor of jail and Superintendent Moran, including my medical condition. You, as a person in charge of the Courts Service, are LIABLE if you also assist police crime.

Notice is served, as also to Superintendent Moran and Governor of jail, you will be liable to prosecution in the EU Court under 1990 Criminal Justice Act and Criminal Law Act 1976, with possible life imprisonment.

Despite former Chief Justice reading HSE C848 and C849 documents stating masks are USELESS and DANGEROUS, he used me to create Fear and Apprehension and followed the personal opinion of Mr. Holohan, who is under police investigation.

Yours sincerely

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