Dear Edith Geraghty 

Ref. Media Framing Innocent Man 

Further to my letter to you of 8.11.2021 regarding Rodney Edwards using the Sunday Independent to sell mRNA and damage vaccines, abuse digital journalists, cause incitement to hate, and damage media. 

I drew your attention to the Code of Practice BROKEN by Mr. Edwards to cause Fear and Apprehension to myself and the public, and a similar campaign by Newstalk and the Times to incite hatred of Andy Heasman and misinform the public. 

A similar Misinformation article to incite hatred, this time focused on Andy Heasman, to also cause Fear and PRETEND that if NO mask is worn, 2 months in jail, was put out by Conor Gallagher for the Sunday Times. 

The complaint by myself and the public shows Press Principles were broken, and subjects ALL of us to Mis-information to assist the chemical lobby to commit a crime. Last December I wrote to the Ombudsman on Mr. Heasman’s case.

At the time, you were REQUIRED to compel the Times to retract Mis-information. 11 months later, still NO RETRACTION, which has led to an innocent man in jail, as YOU ALLOWED this, for a FEAR story.

Last December, Mr. Heasman, was brought to Court by DPP and police to make RTE and Times movie: 2 months jail if NO mask. As the Attorney General stated in the High Court, 31A is NOT law, just ADVICE. 

So 2 private companies, Courts Service and its security firm of which it is registered OWNER, previously called Garda, made a PLAN to jail a man for NO mask, to TRICK the Public into wearing masks, which cause damage. 

The PLAN went wrong when Mr. Heasman recorded on video, police attacking him on a bus for NO mask. He explained Section 296 of 31A says he must NOT wear a mask if stress or disability. 

He also explained HSE CERTIFIED documents C848 NO proof masks work and C849 proof masks are dangerous. Embarrassed, the police got off the bus as only THEY and the driver committed offenses, breaking Section 296 of 31A. 

The bus driver still refused to start the bus UNLESS Mr. Heasman agreed to BREAK Section 296 of 31A. Mr. Heasman got off the bus, told the driver in a PRIVATE conversation, I am off your ‘something’ bus, and peacefully walked away. 

Police decided a private conversation between 2 people was a public order offense, so THEY abused him, arrested and TRICKED the VICTIM into Court, who PLANNED movie in a Court with NO license to hold court since 1924. 

At this UNLICENSED court, a charge of TALKING on the footpath, the Judge refused Mr. Heasman the right to speak or show his video Evidence. Before the END of Court, RTE and the Times printed – 2 months jail for NO mask. 

The FORGOT court records confirm NO charge for not wearing a mask, the only charge was talking on the footpath, and he was NOT allowed to defend himself. The case was decided in newspapers BEFORE the end of the case; prejudicial as Press incitement. 

So despite being of NO medical use and NO legal requirement, Court and media for over a year PRETEND jail if NO mask. I wrote to the Times last year, they apologized and acknowledged mistakes. 

I wrote to the Court, and the case was DISMISSED as Void con-tract, PREJUDICIAL, NO charge, NO jurisdiction, and Contempt of court by police and Judge. I wrote to the Press Ombudsman. 

So here we are AGAIN with Conor Gallagher telling the SAME fairy story to INCITE HATRED and reprisals against Mr. Heasman. Good job I am an old-fashioned man that keeps the bits of paper and evidence for the EU Court. 

I REQUIRE that, like a year ago, this SAME story is RETRACTED and replaced with HSE correct medical advice, C848 NO proof masks work and C849 proof masks are dangerous, and Section 296 of 31A. Mask is a PERSONAL choice. 

As you will see from the Times AGAIN, breaking most Principles, particularly 5.4, Must NOT cause grave offense or stir up HATRED for a person. The lateFA PLAN caused an INNOCENT man to be jailed. 

Due to the Times and RTE, ALL members of the public were subjected to Mis-information of jail if NO mask, an INNOCENT man was jailed to REFRESH this Mis-information. Police were also fooled into FEAR SCAM. 

On 10.11.2021, Mr. Heasman found 4 trespassers in his home. They refused any Lawful charge or warrant and refused warrant identity. They began to kick his door down. He agreed to come out IF they have a warrant. 

They refused to serve the warrant, just flashed a piece of paper in front of the window. He pointed out it is NOT his name, and asked for rights, and offered legal papers confirming NO charges. 

They stated NOT interested in law or Garda Oath, told him to come outside or we will kick the door down. He was kidnapped by 4 employees of the Court company, with NO ID or LAWFUL papers.

They then kidnapped him to Castlerea prison. At this prison, which is registered as a private company, this INNOCENT VICTIM of police acting against their Oath, had clothes removed and mask forced on him; they tried to force a PCR test, kicked and degraded him, with underwear removed. 

He was placed fully naked in something called a hole, despite his medical condition, and HSE EVIDENCE that masks could kill him, if NOT the cold, and placed in solitary confinement. 

In addition to Mayo police, Claremorris kidnapping an innocent man, he is now tortured and UNLAWFULLY detained, all because the Times, RTE, and the Courts want to make money from Fraud. 

In addition to the latest crimes by the media, Courts, and Police, and solid evidence of DPP framing this man 8 times, each Fraud of DPP disproved by video and witnesses, EU Court WILL prosecute the police. 

This is one more example of the Press Ombudsman allowing the media to support police and Courts to assist chemical organizations to commit Fraud. You support Torture and Fraud, it seems.

Yours sincerely.

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