Dear Taoiseach 

Thousands of Irish have just heard Mr Holohan commit serious offences under the 2021 Perjury Act, knowingly making FRAUDULENT statements to cause FEAR, using his Public Office to Mis-inform.

Like him, I also sent you many times the Certified medical position of both the HSE and HPRA position ref. FOI Requests, which is the OPPOSITE of the PERSONAL opinion of his, and he gives NO evidence to support the Conspiracy Theory of his. 

Given that he is under investigation by Kevin Street Garda, with 5 books of Evidence, he is NOT qualified to insist on HIS personal opinion against HSE and HPRA Evidence, and the CDC, who say the OPPOSITE. 

He stated the PCR is better than Antigen despite CDC and the WHO data that PCR is withdrawn due to 97% False Positives. Dr Fauci states that the cycles kosed in Irish test equal UNABLE to detect virus, so he is MIS- INFORMING the media. 

This person also caused FEAR and APPREHENSION, offences of 5 years jail under A Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act, 1976. Public Records confirm both you and Mr Holohan MIS-INFORM to cause FEAR and APPREHENSION. 

Despite HSE EVIDENCE that masks, social distancing, lockdowns, mRNA are USELESS and DANGEROUS, you both conceal and NEGLECT your Public Duty to inform correct HSE position, and instead MIS-INFORM to cause injury. 

Public Records confirm both of you have NOT adjusted the 60% FALSIFIED covid deaths reported by HQUA and NOT adjusted by 97%, the PCR False Positives Dr Fauci advised you of. You MISS-INFORM to cause injury. These OFFENCES of Fraud YOU allow Mr Holohan to effectively mean Life imprisonment under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act. Intent on FRAUD and he, NOT HSE, insists on masks, lockdowns etc, despite them being dangerous. 

You have been advised by the CDC and the WHO, last November, that lockdowns MUST STOP. The written advice was only 3 weeks for hospitals to prepare, they WARN any longer means more deaths, so you support deaths. 

Again you allow personal opinion of Mr Holohan to be preferred to the WHO. You do understand that you and Mr Holohan used FRAUD. and FEAR resulting in deaths and injuries. and destruction of the economy. You support crime. 

Public Records confirm, in addition to NO qualifications in medical matters by yourself or previous 2 Health Ministers, you ignore advice of HSE, HPRA, the WHO and CDC, for persons committing Fraud. 

The HSE position states C850 NO proof social distancing works, C851 NO proof mRNA works, C852 proof mRNA is dangerous, C839 NO proof virus exists, and C846 NO proof General lockdowns work. 

C847 NO proof Elderly lockdowns work, C848 NO proof masks work, and C849 proof masks are dangerous. For over a year you and Mr Holohan destroyed Ireland on Personal opinion, IGNORING HSE Facts. You like Fraud. 

Public Records confirm you assisted the private company, Courts Service, to use its private company, Garda, to INVENT Fraudulent court cases based on 314 advice, ruled in the High Court by the Attorney General as NOT law. 

You also understand ALL 160 TDs and 60 Senators were given LAWFUL notification of TREASON, for REMOVAL of Constitution and enforcing medical procedures which the HSE said are USELESS and Dangerous. 

You are REQUIRED by the 1990 Act, to explain why Mr Holohan has complete control over you, and is ALLOWED to commit FRAUD and injure people, as with Cancer Smear tests. Is FRAUD the law? 

What was the authority claimed by the President of the Oireachtas to REMOVE Sovereignty of the Irish, as it is the ONLY IRB President that holds SOVEREIGN Seals. Mr Higgins is Queen’s Representative of a Corporation.

Yours sincerely.

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