Dear Edith Geraghty 

Many people in the People’s Party Ireland have asked me to write and inform you of numerous criminal offences, in particular the Fear and Apprehension, caused to readers of the Sunday Independent. 

Under Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act 1976, the writer faces 5 years jail for causing Fear and Apprehension, offences under the Equality Act 2010, and violations of EU Parliamentary Resolutions preventing mis-information. 

On November 7th 2021, the Sunday Independent printed a dangerous story by Rodney Edwards in which he made medical claims to sell medical products, abused a digital journalist, caused incitement, and damaged the Press. 

As you will see from the following evidence, it is an attempt by the Independent to support the campaign by Newstalk, RTE, Prof O’Neil and some TDs, to conceal medical information and sell an experiment. 

I have listed just a few of the Principles of Code of Practice breached by Rodney Edwards, which have caused Fear and Apprehension to myself and the public. Medical injury or death could occur if his advice is followed. 

Principle 1 Truth. Accuracy MUST be maintained. 

Principle 1.2 When significant inaccuracy, misleading statement, distorted report, it MUST be corrected. 

Principle 1.3 RETRACTION. Apology MUST be published promptly. 

Principle 2.2 Comment, Conjecture, Rumour, Unconfirmed reports Must NOT be reported as if FACT. 

Principle 2.3 Readers are entitled to expect the press to disclose vested interests, and NOT be influenced by sponsors’ paying scripts. 

Principle 4 Everyone has Constitutional protection for their good name. Press must NOT publish matters on unfounded accusations, and must take reasonable care in checking facts. NOT stating personal speculation. 

Principle 5.1 Privacy is protected by the Constitution and EU Convention on Human Rights, incorporated into Irish law. Private, family life, home and correspondence MUST be respected. 

Principle 5.4 Public persons who deal with public affairs and seek publicity can be asked for their views and published, if in the public interest; Must NOT publish material intended to cause grave offence., or stir up hatred for a person. 

He began by informing the public of her different names and how to identify her, to put her at risk. He states that she is a covid denier, but failed to abide by Principle 1, when she quoted HSE C839 NO proof virus exists.

This C839 document Certified with authorized signature, is similar to same by HPRA and CDC. Both these Statutory bodies confirm covid does NOT exist. It is Mr. Edwards that is the DENIER of the HSE covid Certified position. 

Next he breaks Principle 4, in which he describes this digital journalist and the public who study HPRA and HSE FACTS, as anti-vaxers, yet he confirms that he is the anti-vaxxer. 

The lady publicly confirmed and on video, that her children have had their traditional vaccines and having partaken, CANNOT be called anti-vaxxer. Most people would agree. 

The woman has stated the HSE, HPRA, EMA and Pfizer’s position on an Experiment of 2 years, effects UNKNOWN, called mRNA; EMA description: genetic ALTERING mechanical device, NOT a vaccine. 

She correctly states HSE. HPRA Certified Evidence C851 NO proof mRNA works, and C852 proof mRNA is dangerous. EMA state just months in, in the EU, 28,000 dead, almost 3 million injured. She tells FACTS not speculation. 

Mr. Edwards has done much damage to vaccines given that he insists the 28,000 dead and almost 3 million injured did NOT take mRNA experiment, effects UNKNOWN, he insists they took a vaccine as the Killer; mis-information. 

Clearly Mr. Edwards is putting people off vaccines, by advising they caused 28,000 dead and almost 3 million injured. He is encouraging people to NOT take vaccines by applying a vaccine LABEL to mRNA, never tried on humans. 

He then makes a medical Claim of pandemic, which he says she calls plandemic. On March 19th, 2020, the CDC DECLASSIFIED covid as NO longer considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease, as the healthy have 99.9% immunity. 

It began as a language slip by Dr Tedros of the WHO, when he falsely claimed 0% immunity when, in fact, the figure was 99.9%. The CDC confirmed the PCR was withdrawn as UNABLE to detect the virus, and with 97% false positives. 

The HIQA report last year confirms that Mr. Holohan falsified 60% of deaths as covid. The HSE for the last 2 years, confirmed flu kills 5.6%, and covid 0.2%. The CDC confirmed 97% deaths were FALSIFIED as covid. Mr. Edwards is a facts c tinier. 

HSE documents confirm that C850 NO proof social distancing works, C846 NO proof General lockdowns work, C847 NO proof Elderly lockdowns work, C848 NO proof masks work and 0849 proof masks are dangerous. 

Mr Edwards states that when he and NPHET ignore Certified facts that NO pandemic exists, the lady is wrong in calling falsified figures a pandemic, in line with much higher deaths in 2018. Falsified equal Planned. 

Mr Edwards then states that using her UNPAID time to ask a TD and other journalists for an interview on public matters, to which the TD agreed, and Principle 5.4 of the Press Code allows, is abusive. Most would say it is NOBLE. 

He then says she cannot talk to Prof O’Neil about the safety of mRNA. Perhaps he should learn from Prof O’Neil. On Newstalk as to mRNA safety, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, O’Neil said. 

Prof O’Neil explained the meaning of 2 year mRNA Experiment as results are NOT available until 2 year’s time, the reason why rats or guinea pigs are used. If the 28.000 dead heard what the lady explained, they would be alive today. 

He also seemed to think stating the obvious was a crime, when she said to Mr. Kenny and Prof O’Neil that after lying to victims by saying something NEVER used on humans was safe, when the HSE and EMA said effects were UNKNOWN until ‘2 years’. 

Principle 2.3 Requires Mr. Edwards to inform the public that Prof O’Neil did NOT receive 26,277,000 euro from Pfizer to say it is a dangerous, 2 year experiment being done on humans instead of rats; also that the newspaper is funded by the chemical lobby. 

Mr. Grandfather, who fought in the Four Courts in 1916, and his brothers in the GPO, A helped write the Constitution and helped establish the Advertising Acts. Only a GP can give medical advice to use a medical product, and only in private. 

Mr. Edwards, Mr. Kenny, Prof O’Neil etc., are BANNED by Sections 4 and 11 of the Advertising Standards Act, to advise or make medical claims to use medical products on public media. Law REQUIRES the listing of side effects. 

The above gentlemen, unqualified in medicine, are giving dangerous medical opinions, contrary to the Certified HSE and HPRA documents, I enclose for your education. The lady digital journalist is stating the Certified documents side effects. 

It is clear and in public records that the HSE is the main funder of these media outlets, paying for adverts to mis-inform and conceal danger from the public. Many people are dead or injured due to media lies, to sell products. 

I REQUIRE, to restore public confidence in vaccines and HSE advice on PPE as USELESS, that this person RETRACT HIS MIS-INFORMATION, designed to cause FEAR, grave offence, and hatred against digital truth in Principle 5.4. 

It is a sad reflection of the Press when a lady, not in the best of health, and in her own free time, has to take to the streets to tell people of the dangerous side effects, and highly paid media refuse truth, and try to injure those that do. 

Yours sincerely 

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