Dear John Keogh 

In my recent letter to you, I brought to your attention the serious mental problems that Mr. Kenny seems to display, his inability to distinguish between fact and fantasy; mRNA effects. 

I sent you the Certified HSE Records Management and similar CDC, EMA, CSO, WHO, and other competent sources of data that state the opposite of Mr. Kenny, RTE, and NPHET, yet just his personal view is offered.

Despite Certified Evidence that, as the EMA and the manufacturer described, mRNA was NOT approved as a vaccine. The license given was permission to start a 2-year genetic experiment, effects unknown until 2 years time. 

It clearly states mRNA was never used on Man before, it is a 2 years experiment, EFFECTS UNKNOWN until the end of the 2 years. ONLY THEN can any dec’3ion be made if the experiment is safe or not? Mr. Kenny says it is safe. 

Pfizer chief sales rep, Prof O’Neil explained this on Newstalk when HE stated, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, his reason for NOT taking it himself. He ignored Mr. Kenny’s dangerous advice. 

The EMA also states it as a dangerous EXPERIMENT. The Manufacturer insisted on NO liability, as the expected deaths and injuries would bankrupt Pfizer, hence following EMA license conditions. NPHET ignored. 

In return for NO liability, it is a LAWFUL REQUIREMENT that each person taking the experiment must receive a written explanation of the risks, and sign a Consent Form after reading, as known risks are death or injury. 

I already supplied on 25th December 2020, BEFORE roll out, all said Licence Obligations and Certified Evidence of deaths and injuries from the USA and the UK, and the WHO known percentage of expected deaths and injuries. 

The People’s Party Ireland also supplied the 327 known side effects and the legal REQUIREMENT we obtained from Pfizer UK, to notify the Public NOT to take allergies, which most people have. The Dail just laughed. 

As for myself, an expert on Toxigenic poisoning, I was notified that the EMA confirmed NO studies were EVER carried out on this subject when mRNA combines under stomach acids to new mRNA heavy metals. 

I also explained to the Health Minister the purpose of tracking, its aim being the real possibility of a likely situation that Guinea Pigs will have to be quarantined if spike protein continues to erode the immune system. 

The no medical qualifications Mr. Kenny, now used your Newstalk to promote his personal view, that employers must NOT allow people NOT infected with mRNA to attend work or mix with the Public. 

Mr. Kenny seems again UNAWARE of the latest Certified documents and the CDC on this point. As the EMA expected, almost 80% of new flu virus cases, called covid, are people with double injection. 

This is the result of damaged immune systems and PROVEN reduction of oxygen from mRNA-damaged cells. At some point, mRNA people will become hosts for permanent viral issues and will be a risk to the public. 

I would remind you, the existing evidence was handed to 160 TDs and 60 senators. Sadly they, like Mr. Kenny, chose to ignore the FACTS and expose the public to the risk of an UNTESTED experiment going wrong, the reason for using Guinea Pigs. 

For 2 years I supplied the Evidence I collected through my legal work for the EU Parliamentary Assembly, with regard to UNLAWFUL activities by the EMA. This I passed on, including EMA data, and also German chemical lobby data. 

The private registered company, Government Ireland, in conjunction with the private company, Courts Service, used the private company called Garda, it been owned by Courts Service, to conceal said data. 

In time, the new replacement for Courts Service will send to jail many of the 160 TDs and 60 Senators who ignored HSE Certified Evidence of the plan to sell medical products. 

In time, the evidence of collusion in this fraud, freely supplied by people like Mr. Kenny, many judges, and police, WILL result in the closure of many companies that exploited the Irish people, especially RTE. 

It is obvious that the latest rantings by Mr. Kenny confirms that to save your company from closure and to save the Public from his dangerous, unqualified medical advice, banned by Statute Laws, he must depart. 

Yours sincerely.

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