• It a obvious attempt to keep people who don’t play along with the narrative out of their HQ , so now we shall see pending cases being heard, only to be told you can’t enter the court because you not dont have the jab,

  • It amazes me, how they are still getting away with this plan, and I have to say it is the master of all plans.
    In saying that, and something folk need to realise, humans had fallen asleep at the wheel…Especially in Ireland.. Good lord, I don’t recognise our people anymore, but this had been planned decades ago, but only coming to fruition now.

    I am a FREE MAN, nobody owns me and nobody judges me but god above, and I have made my peace with God and I am ready for this fight . This is all in the hands of our people now, why so many still feel its up to this so called government to get us out of this mess, when in reality it was them who put us in it, is beyond me.

    They are gone, payed off.

    Can we really do something politically and through using the law.?

    My big question is, are we willing to take that chance, when it seems everything politically and through the so called law is owned and run by them.
    Maybe, What needs to happen now is 1916 all over again, but this time we will be aware of the elite who may try to swoop in and sell us out again, as this is exactly what happened last time round…

    The elite Now world global elite is the problem. We should have never allowed people to gain that much power over us in the first place, especially in Ireland..Hence why we were asleep.

    Sadly many of our comrades have already fallen into the trap already and those who are trying to fight back, are ridiculed for it at the hand of those to really blame. In saying that, these clowns are not that special, they are just pawns… Puppets that the real ones behind this are using to set up this madness… They are that stupid that they don’t realise they are NEXT.

    Crazy now rules the world, But the question is are we going to allow them to rule our lives… I am not.
    We need to TAKE BACK our country from these clowns first, then work out what we are going to do as a World against the rest, because God help us, if they get there plans in… We are talking the end of life as we know it.

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