Dear Heather Humphries 

I note from my records that I wrote to you on August 3rd, 2021, in which you were given the statutory 21 days right to dispute the criminal charges you appear to have committed, in your personal capacity as a WOMAN. 

The Taoiseach and Health Minister have stated that you prepared fraudulent legal documents for them, offences under the Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, Sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27and 29. 

understand that you assisted a registered company, owned by Northern Trust, better known as Government Ireland, a Corporation NOT Institution, with NO jurisdiction over MAN or WOMAN, and NOT elected by the Irish people. 

It IS claimed that your Instruments claim that this company has jurisdiction over MAN or WOMAN when, in FACT, you have NO authority to remove the Constitution and religion and impose medical dictatorship by foreign companies, not owned or elected by the Irish people. 

An independent company called Office Attorney General, with profits of 10.61 million euros, advised you that the government position is that ALL 31A medical and travel ADVICE is NOT law, under oath in the High Court. 

The HSE Certified documents from Records Management, advised you that NPHET is giving fraudulent, misleading information, and HIQA reported that they falsified 60% deaths as covid. The People’s Party Ireland sent you the following evidence from the HSE. 

HSE C850 states NO proof social distancing works, C851 NO proof mRNA works, C852 proof mRNA is dangerous, C839 states NO proof virus exists and C;”46 NO proof General lockdowns work. You produce MIS-information. 

Also you studied C847 NO proof elderly lockdowns work, C848 NO proof masks work, and C849 proof masks are dangerous.. You were sent EMA figures of 27,000 dead, 2.5 million people injured just in the EU, only months into a 2 year experiment. 

You were also sent CDC and WHO EVIDENCE that PCR was withdrawn as 97% false positive cases were based on Fraud. Also, I sent a copy of June, 2021 Attorney General confirmation that courts have NO licence since 1924. 

You were given an opportunity to explain why you issued Instruments contrary to sworn testimony of the Attorney General in the High Court, witnessed by Justice Simons, that 31A is ONLY Advice NOT LAW. You are in contempt of Court. 

Your documents also claim a medical emergency contrary to HSE certified documents which state NO virus exists, and the CDC and WHO DECLASSIFIED as NO longer considered High Consequence Infectious Disease on 19 March’ 2020. 

By your OWN written documents, you confirm that you prepared Instruments based on personal opinion, RTE propaganda, and on NO statute or Constitution taws, damaging public health and the Constitution. 

You have stated that you have jurisdiction to remove the Garda Oath in which my Grandfather placed the magic words, INALIENABLE rights. In Black’s Law Dictionary – rights MAN CANNOT remove, only God. 

You have also claimed that you have jurisdiction over the Catholic Church, again my Grandfather helped write the Constitution in which ‘church is superior to the Dail. You have NO authority to rule our church. 

YOU also state Courts have rights to impose 31A despite much higher authority, Attorney General, stating you do NOT. Again, my Grandfather wisely DECLINED to give court licence in 1924, as TDs like you, appointing judges, is bad. 

I and others gave you notice that said courts are NOT LAWFUL, only valid courts being Peoples Constitutional Courts, under Article 34 of 1937 Constitution being lawful. My Grandfather helped write that also. 

Under Irish and EU law, the ONLY LAWFUL Court is the People’s Tribunal, having held a hearing at CCJ in July 2021, and I have been authorised to facilitate Sovereign Licence to other courts which will be Sovereign. 

The People’s Party Ireland also served you a CERTIFIED copy of 2013 Motu Proprio, highest legal document in the world, which sets ALL BAR COURTS to observe birth cert rights belonging to the Vatican. My contacts there confirm. 

It was brought to your attention that ALL judges face 35 years jail and Tusla courts also, if they claim birth certificate rights over Children. You have MIS-informed judges to break the law. The Vatican will act. 

Public records confirm you have concealed the above FACTS from the public and the Dail and neglected public duty to comply with Statute law, which carries life imprisonment under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, which YOU BROKE. 

Public records also confirm that you, without authority, gave pubs, restaurants, police, and employers a MANDATE to impose mRNA passes to prevent access to business, churches, jobs etc, thereby breaking Statute laws. 

Again. I must direct you to Black’s Law Dictionary, in which you will find a MANDATE REQUIRES CONSENT from MAN or WOMAN, without consent NO MANDATE is valid. Again, you break the law. 

Public records also confirm you face charges under Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act, 1976, in which you caused FEAR and APPREHENSION in imposing masks and lockdowns etc, contrary to HSE CERTIFIED documents. 

I also sent you EU Parliamentary Resolutions 2361 and 2071 on public health, which I helped draft. Section 7.3.1 states MAN or WOMAN. MUST be informed mRNA is NOT MANDATORY. Again, YOU BROKE THE LAW. 

It also states NO one is politically or socially pressured to take mRNA if they do NOT wish to. Section 7.3.2 you ARE REQUIRED to ensure NO one is discriminated against for NOT taking an experiment, with side effects. 

You have, by your Instruments, confessed to the Public that you have broken these Resolutions and, per HSE CERTIFIED documents, damaged Public health, causing deaths, injuries, and destruction of the Constitution. 

You have, per public announcements, committed offences under the Criminal Law Act, 1997, S8.1 and S41, Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, 3.1.7, also Criminal Justice Act, 1951. 

The People’s Party Ireland also supplied you with the WHO paperwork that confirms the Director General of the WHO caused panic when he MISTAKENLY said on March 3rd, 2020, a new virus which no-one has immunity to, this being CORRECTED on March 19th, 2020 when the WHO DECLASSIFIED covid as NO longer considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease with the healthy having 99.9% immunity, and the HSE issued booklet to ALL houses stating it is similar to MILD flu. 

Your actions based on NO medical qualifications by yourself and the last 2 Health Ministers and Dr Glynn, number 2 in NPHET, he being a physiotherapist, has tricked the nation into a Laboratory Experiment. 

The paperwork is now ready and the public are about to be invited to pres:. charges at local police stations, for the above offences you have publicly admitted to. If you wish to avoid, resignation required and stop the fraud. 

I would also remind you that under International Law, the Supreme Court granted in 2013 the patent for mRNA to a Fauci comp6ny. Court defined a new species called Trans Humans; I think you claim to be such. 

Under these new laws, all people identified by APP as mRNA have lost ALL INALIENABLE rights, only natural humans retain rights. ONLY mRNA property can be banned from pubs etc. You should LEARN law, NOT PRETEND. 

Under these new laws, if you are of mRNA genetic code, you lose ALL rights to sit in government, as you are representing vested interests of the chemical lobby who OWN your mRNA patent and property rights. 

Yours sincerely 


  • I love your Notice… would love to see a certified copy of the Muto Proprio and include it in my own paperwork i am doing here in Australia

  • Wow Gabriel, you really pulled it out of the park for this one. I just hope we can eventually stop all this madness, this all is getting too far out of hand now. But honestly, I cant see how at the moment, with so many Governments around the world in bed with each other and well they sort of hold the power at the moment, and it also seems they have the majority of people ( but could be lies) and they are just NOT LISTENING to folk who protest. So its a catch 22 for me.

    Just an update for you as to my situation, which we talked about through emails at length and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your replies.
    My kids school has laid off me, and I still don’t wear a mask.
    You will also be pleased to know, that there are now others who don’t wear masks either. folk are starting to catch on, Thank god.
    Now, all we need to do is make folk realise that we are actually in the middle of a war, a war on humanity by these corrupted scum of the world. As a musician, I have a couple of releases ready to go and I hope to accompany them with very informative information videos to what is going on, its the only way I know how to play my part in this war at the moment, but it will be tough as BIG TECH is starting to block my content.
    But, as the old saying goes. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    It really pisses me off that there are still folk, ( I would say sheep) that still think their government cares about their interests not alone of country. Anyway, stay safe.

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