Dear James Browne 

Recently you advised the Public and Government TDs of the NEW Criminal Justice Perjury Offences Act, 2021. Unless you were committing perjury, you explained, anyone lying under Oath or legal proceedings is guilty of a public office offense. 

In a similar fashion, the High Court and the Public received from the Attorney General, under Oath, witnessed by Justice Simons, an explanation of the government position on ALL medical and travel Advice, called 31A. 

The Attorney General stated 31A is Advice NOT Law. Many people read his advice in newspapers and followed it. The People’s Party sent Mr. Donnelly, The Taoiseach, and the remaining 158 TDs a copy of said ADVICE, not Law. 

The People’s Party sent you a registered letter on 7th August 2021, no reply received yet. You were also sent SIGNED HSE Records Management Evidence of Covid SCAM from these qualified medical records by medical staff. 

It was also brought to your attention that in addition to the High Court ruling, Mr. Donnelly, the Taoiseach, the HSE CEO Mr. Reid, and the Attorney General were sent this HSE Medical Records of EVIDENCE. 

Despite the above people having NO medical qualifications and NO signed HSE Records Management Evidence, they have REPEATEDLY made FALSE Misinformation medical claims. 

They have in Dail and government statements claimed masks, social distancing, lockdowns, PCR, and mRNA are good and essential to life, based on RTE Prof O’Neil’s medical claim on a model he said was untested, due to NO VIRUS. 

In making FALSE medical claims, they have read the following HSE signed proof and the Attorney General 31A explanation, under oath in the High Court, that it is PERJURY to claim the above is essential to health. 

You also, like them, have read HSE C850 NO proof social distancing works, C839 NO proof virus exists, and similar from the CDC and the WHO. Also, C851 NO proof mRNA works as results available only at END of a 2 years genetic experiment. 

YOU and above TDs also read C852 NO proof mRNA is safe, C846 NO proof General lockdowns work, C847 NO proof Elderly lockdowns work, C848 NO proof masks work and C849 proof masks are dangerous. 

This is the stated medical signed position of the HSE Covid Advice, backed up by a household booklet sent to ALL houses in March 2020, stating 94% of anyone catching it will only have MILD flu. 

Despite this ABSOLUTE HSE medical EVIDENCE, the private company, Courts Service, has used its employees, often called Garda, a registered company No. 89000534, with profits of 709.02 million Euro, to commit PERJURY. 

In Courts, they insist on using the Perjury that TDs confess to, as a fraud to make further substantial company profits and pervert Courts into a criminal Corporation. 

I REQUIRE you, as a senior member of the Justice Department, to commence Perjury proceedings against the parties mentioned, as their actions lead to deaths and injuries. If you refuse, it will be assumed that you lied, under oath. 

I would also remind you that it is Public Record that under the Criminal Justice Act 1990, this deliberate Concealment of Crime, if you ignore it, would be deemed TREASON, with Life imprisonment for yourself and TDs. 

In a similar fashion, I will be asking another private company, the Attorney General, with registered profits of 10.61 million Euro, to take action against the Chief Justice and judges PRETENDING 31A is Law. 

Yours sincerely

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