Pressing police charges against Donnelly


30 August 2021 

The public and the Peoples Party Ireland’s records confirm that on 25th December 2020, the following legal and medical evidence from USA and the UK governments was supplied to you, claiming an injunction on 28th December 2020 of the roll out of the mRNA genetic experiment. 

You were notified that mRNA known side effects were as follows, with reasonable expectation of worse effects, as only at the beginning of a 2 year mRNA genetic altering mechanical device untried on humans. 

You were advised that you have NO medical qualifications. The head of the HSE also has NO medical qualifications, Dr Glynn, in charge of NPHET, qualifications being as physiotherapist, NOT mRNA qualified. 

Both the EMA and Pfizer confirmed mRNA is a 2 year experiment, and like all experiments, results will be known in 2 year’s time. Not one scientist exists with evidence of what results will be in 2 year’s time. There is NO liability as only volunteers take part in the experiment. 

Public records on Newstalk, to be used in Court, confirm Prof. O’Neil, with no mRNA qualifications as he is only a pharmacist, was paid €20,277,000 Euros from Pfizer, and gave the following advice on mRNA safety. 

The Professor publicly stated WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE FIRST AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, which is close to the EMA licence description being to start a 2 year mRNA genetic experiment.

Public records show list the following side effects of mRNA: 

Fatal Respiratory issues, Eye injury, Blindness, Deafness, Vertigo, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. 

Also paralysis, seizures, tremor, facial paralysis, strokes, CNS haemorrhages, Acute Cardiac Myocarditis, heart inflammation in children, Myocardial infarction anaphylaxis. 

Also Pulmonary Embolism, Renal, Urinary Disorders, Breast Cancer, Spike Protein vein blockages, Migraine, Headaches, Vomiting, Herpes, and Blackouts. 

Swelling of the face, blood and skin disorders, nervous system disorders, Psychiatric disorders, maternal deaths and disorders. 

Latest MHRA Yellow Card Reporting system states the worst effects. The UK Government’s Yellow Card reporting system states that 347,032 were injured just months into the 2 year experiment. Each of the above cases show numbers for each item I mentioned above. Only 1 out of every 136 injuries are reported. 

The 1990 Criminal Justice Act REQUIRES ALL Government Ministers and public medical officials to NOT conceal above data from the public. It is called NEGLECT of public duty. Life imprisonment is the penalty. 

The 2021 Perjury Act, explained by the Justice Department’s James Brown, states Public Officials must NOT lie, or mis-inform the public to sell mRNA experiments, knowingly causing death or injury. 

Both the head of the HSE and the Health Department, have issued an UNLAWFUL, as NOT bearing a signature, mRNA injection booklet ADVICE, both having NO medical qualifications. 

This booklet, now sent to the EU Parliamentary Assembly, states ALL above side effects on the UK’s Yellow Card reporting system do NOT exist. It states that the main side effects are FEELING TIRED. 

You continue to NOT inform the public what EU Parliamentary Assembly Resolutions 2361 and 2071 legally REQUIRE you to do. Latest figures to 4th August 2021 are 36,126 people dead and 5,889,965 injured from above stated injuries. 

You have REVOKED the EMA licence permission to start a 2 year mRNA experiment to the seriously ill, NOT the healthy, by NOT keeping the conditions which the EMA, Pfizer and others insisted on. 

Law REQUIRES you do NOT mis-inform the public by applying vaccine labels to mRNA, which is a mechanical device designed to alter genes, and is UNTESTED, until the end of a 2 year trial test. 

You have confirmed to the public that you also misinformed on HSE covid advice. HSE confirmed in SIGNED documents that C848 NO proof masks work and C849 proof masks are dangerous. 

HSE medical records department, being medically qualified unlike yourself and the HSE CEO, also state the following: C851 No proof mRNA works, C852 No proof mRNA is safe or tested. 

Also HSE confirmed C850 No proof social distancing works, C839 No proof virus exists, C846 No proof general lockdowns work, and C847 No proof elderly lockdown work. CDC confirms that NO PCR tests work. 

Contrary to the above officially signed HSE position, the unqualified in medicine Health Minister and HSE manager offer fraud leaflets and RTE adverts, UNAUTHORISED by the HSE, to sell mRNA as a vaccine. 

Under Criminal Law Act 1997 S.8.1, concealing or withholding information to gain reward or promotion to sell a product, as yourself, RTE, GPs and the media have done, is UNLAWFUL. 

By your OWN admission, you have deceived, forged and used false instruments, such as UNSIGNED HSE sales literature, to PRETEND Pfizer is a vaccine with NO side effects. 

This deception is a serious offence under the Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act 2001, Sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29. Also Sections 4 and 11 of the Standards Advertising Acts, under the Business Minister. 

The 1990 Act also REQUIRES that you inform the public that An Garda Siochana is a private corporation, owned by the Bar Association Courts Service, their owners being Dun & Bradstreet, registered number 89000534. 

The Law also REQUIRES you to inform the public that the judges used their employees, called police, to assist RTE, which they also own, to promote the OPPOSITE advice of the HSE Records Department. 

The 1990 Act also REQUIRES you to inform the publi6 that the Dail also, like the police and judges, became a registered company owned by Northern Trust, and its statutes apply ONLY to companies, NOT MAN or WOMAN. 

I have today pressed charges against you with the Police Commissioner, on the above criminal offences and the laws broken, and requested your immediate arrest, to prevent further Manslaughter. 

Also, I have reminded the Police Commissioner, that he too would also be liable to Life imprisonment under the 1990 Act, if he should assist in further Manslaughter, and allow police to assist judges. 

Also note, in addition to pressing charges with police, most of the video and written evidence has been collected to prosecute you and any media, police, and medical assisting offences under the 1990 Act, in the EU Court. 

The People’s Party Ireland.


  • God Bless Dolores Webster and team. The truth, at last, is getting out. Fear runs its course and finally people start thinking. 2020 was a shock to the system on every level. The danger is that some people will get used to the plandemic and do nothing. Again, many thanks for the TRUTH.

  • Thank God for courageous people for the work you have done for our people

  • Confidence restored in witnessing true patriots of Éire taken the war to the enemy 🇮🇪💚🇮🇪

    Regards from Cork☘️
    Michael Allen

  • Hi lads, Michael here from article on Donnelly on main page, in depth research should be useful

  • Thanks a million, we are so gratefull to have your expertise and professinalism and honesty and care for our people.

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